Indigo Moon Film Festival is pleased to offer the following Out Takes during IMFF 2018. Out Takes are brief meetups to learn more about important topics. Out Takes are FREE and open to the public. No ticket is required.


Out Take # 1  How to Change the World Through Film

12:15p -12:45p Sustainable Sandhills 

For nearly two decades, Working Films has positioned documentaries to advance social justice and environmental protection. They work with grassroots groups and NGOs to enhance their programs, extend their reach, and move their missions forward. They train and consult filmmakers to strengthen their community engagement. Documentaries are used to reach critical audiences and move the dial toward meaningful progress on the biggest issues of our time. Join representatives from Work Films to learn more about the impact film has on social issues and how each filmmaker can help change the world, one film at a time.


Out Take # 2 Doing Distribution

12:15p – 12:45p  SkyView on Hay 

Alongside partner Suki Hawley, Michael Galinsky has been making and distributing films for 25 years with their production company Rumur.  They started out by driving their film “Half-Cocked” around in a van and a 16mm projector, blew up their second film to 35 mm,  and had two features that were shortlisted for the documentary Academy Award.  They have been navigating the changing landscape of distribution for two decades and will share some insights into how planning for festivals, press, and distro in the digital age- mistakes they’ve made and things they’ve learned.


Out Take #3   Coal Ash 

5:45p – 6:15p  Sustainable Sandhills

Coal Ash continues to be a big problem in North Carolina. Coal Ash pits were breached during Hurricane Florence and are again contaminating our drinking water. Hear from experts what has been done and should be done to fix the problem once and for all.


Out Take #4   Why Every Director Needs a Producer

5:45PM-6:15 PM  SkyView on Hay

Your film won’t be as good as it could be without a good producer, and it will probably be way over budget.  Would your film even have a budget without a producer?  Probably not.   And distribution?  No one’s going to see the film without the producer making the right connections.  Are you ready to reconsider and get a producer?  Join Bradley Bethel as he gives you the straight scoop on the value a good producer can bring to your next film.