Full Schedule of Films

You're a little early for the 2019 Schedule, but it will be right here August 27, 2019.

In the meantime, enjoy the schedule from 2018

2018 Films and Schedule

Please see the grid below for the times and locations of each film.

For a printable schedule, click here!

* Filmmakers are planning to be present for a Q&A following the screening of the film.





Arts Council

Hay Street United Methodist

Sustainable Sandhills

SkyView on Hay

Friday October 12th

7:00 PM 7:00 PM
Living in the Future's Past
Opening Night Film
7:15 PM
7:30 PM
7:45 PM
8:00 PM
8:15 PM
8:30 PM
8:45 PM
9:00 PM
9:15 PM 9:15 PM
Opening Night Reception
9:30 PM
9:45 PM
10:00 PM
10:15 PM
10:30 PM
10:45 PM
11:00 PM
11:15 PM




Arts Council

Hay Street United Methodist

Sustainable Sandhills

SkyView on Hay

Saturday October 13th

10:00am 10:00a


Shorts Block 1
10:00a - 12:00p
10:15a - 12:00p

27 West*

10:15am 10:15a- 11:15a


Learning Man* 10:15a- 11:45a

Cafeteria Man

10:30am Average Mom *
10:45am Anchorwoman
11:00am Welcome Back
11:15am Grit

12:15p - 12:45p

Out Take 1


12:15p - 12:45p

Out Take 2





1:00pm 1:00p- 3:15p

Short Block 2

1:15p- 3:15p

Short Block 3

1:00p – 2:30p

Touch of An Angel



1:00p - 3:00p

The Devil We Know*




1:15pm Collar Future World 1:15p – 3:00p

The City That Sold America

1:30pm Emotional Motor Unit Existential Donut
1:45pm Detention Lens Flare *
2:15pm Early for Work* Patrick
2:30pm Paper Dolls The Little Dictator
2:45 Introduction * For Love
3:00pm Harvest Season
3:15pm 3:15p -5:00p

Rodents of Unusual Size   

3:30pm 3:30p – 5:30p


Shorts Block 4
3:30p – 5:30p
3:30p – 5:30p

Fort Maria

3:45pm 3:45p – 5:30p

Getting Over *

This Time It's Shopping
4:00pm Parallax
4:15pm Laboratory Conditions
4:30pm Project Home: The Next Battle
4:45pm Raheel
5:00pm Down in the Dumps
5:45pm 5:45 - 6:15

Out Take 3

5:45p - 6:15p

Out Take 4

6:30pm Short Block 5
6:30p– 8:15p  
Short Block 6     6:30p - 8:15p
6:45pm 6:45p -8:00p

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

Der Jude* We Will See Someday 6:45p – 8:30p

The Providers

Short Block 7    6:45p - 8:30
Ground Zero Goldsboro*
Rockstar The Velvet Abstract
7:00pm They Scream in Silence The One I Adore Robeson Rises*
7:15pm Birds of the Sky Auto Repair Shinrin-Yoku
7:30pm #FAFATL - Of Mice and Men Facing Navassa
7:45pm Vamos The Return
8:00pm An Edited Life*
8:15pm The Maestro*
8:45pm 8:45p – 10:30p

Short Block 8

8:45 - 10:15 

Up To Snuff *







9:00pm Ego 9:00p-10:30p

Short Block 9

9:15pm Siri Outpost
9:30pm Muze 9023
9:45pm Conversation with a Cigarette Sarah's Dream *
10:00 pm Calcutta Mercy * Rebirth
10:15 pm Almost Cured The Black Basilisk
10:30 pm Drag Queen Storytime Perfect Evil