Effigy – Poison and the City
10/12/2019 @ 12:30p
LOCATION:   The Loge    
GENRE:   Narrative

Effigy – Poison and the City – 84 Minutes

(foreign language)

Director: Udo Flohr

1828 in the German port city of Bremen: Two very different women collide in an age that has no place for either of them. One strives for a career in law, at a time when women aren’t even admitted to universities. The other has lived life outside the law and may now have to pay the tab. One of them needs to get her head together – while the other would do anything not to lose hers. — Based on a true story.















EMOTIONS:     Informed     Inspired     Intrigued

TOPICS:     Controversy     History     Slice of Life

TYPE:     Crime     Drama     Horror