After So Many Days
10/12/2019 @ 12:45p
LOCATION:   The Loge    
GENRE:   Documentary

After So Many Days – 86 minutes 

Director: Jim Hanft, Samantha Yonack

“You’ll want a front row seat to this intimate and endearing music documentary from singer-songwriter duo Jim and Sam. Recent newlyweds, Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack, were feeling somewhat stuck in their musical career and wanted to do something bold to make one final go at finding breakout success. So they make an impulsive pact to spend a year out on the road attempting to play a concert every single day (that’s 365 concerts, FYI). Not knowing where their adventures would lead them they filmed it all, capturing the joys of playing to packed houses and the soul-crushing defeats of disinterested audiences, all against the picturesque backdrop of the cities and byways from the 14 different countries they visited along the way. The resulting film is an enchanting love letter to music and marriage, and an exhilarating example of putting your heart on the line for the thing (and the one) you love.” – Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival





EMOTIONS:     Amused     Inspired     Romantic

TOPICS:     Slice of Life

TYPE:     Documentary     Drama     Romance